Slenky is a platform for young people aged 13-24

We make it easier to access real-life opportunities, by connecting you with leading brands and businesses in your area and across the UK. Slenky is a way to stay in the know about what's going on around you, and to discover all kinds of new opportunities. It's a place to explore your passions and follow your interests; where you can learn about the things that inspire you and connect with companies and organisations that match your passions.

How we do it

We work directly with brands, businesses, and organisations of all types, to create attractive, real- world opportunities that can be easily accessed online and via social media. Our ‘Passion-based’ keyword search means only relevant opportunities are shown, so there’s no need to waste time searching through 1000's of websites over and over again. At Slenky, our mission is simple – help young people find the opportunities related to their Passions and interests, and help businesses connect with diverse young audiences across the UK.