What’s Slenky?

Slenky is a digital experience platform bringing brands to engaged audiences (13-24) who seek out, consume, share and amplify content – helping brands to authentically engage new audiences.  It connects young people  via branded experiences and opportunities relevant to their Passions

Slenky downsizes brand engagement to bite-sized content – opportunities relevant to young Passions and digital lifestyles.  We create new social touchpoints to simplify brand discovery and interaction with brands, creating mutually-rewarding relationships and Big Data/Insights to improve engagement with an important and Influential demographic.

Easy to Use

Create a Brand profile – add its’ Passions.  Add an opportunity, ‘socialise’ your ‘Shot’ and interact with users wanting to ‘Take Your Shot’

Measure Engagement

Use Big data/insights to inform how and where to best activate the brand.  Learn what Passions add Relevance to who and identify trends; age, gender, locations.

Authentic Influencers

Socialise content with users & ‘tribes’.  Enable users to add credibility & Relevance – engage new followers & Authentic Influencers

What’s a ‘Shot?’

Shots are opportunities to engage with a brand – downsized to social CONTENT for audiences on multiple platforms. 

Sharable content – Events, Experiences, Training, Apprenticeships etc. -making brands Accessible to audiences across the UK

Highly personal and tuned to users’ Passions – with a lasting impact on brand Awareness and Advocacy.

Distributed in multiple social channels – turning discovery of branded content to meaningful brand engagement.

Opportunities for brands to share in audience Passions – igniting relationships in new, untapped audiences.

Shots add Relevance and reinforce brand Authenticity.


Slenky provides a suite of easy-to-use tools to manage a brands’ content, analyse user interaction and data, and to measure outcomes against objectives.

Big Data/Insights

What does this audience think of your brand? Improve engagement strategies & measure ROI

Target Content

Local & regional hubs make it possible to target audiences – just tick to make your Shot shareable

Branded Hubs

Profile the brand for a younger audience.  Stimulate discovery, exploration, engagement & advocacy

Diverse Users

It takes every kind of people – Slenky prides itself on engaging those brands struggle to reach

Full Control

Manage content and interaction – we’re in the background helping you make new connections


You are wherever your content is – partner hubs, influential people and users free the brand

Shots to date


  • “Slenky has been absolutely brilliant in bringing young people from across the UK to SKY Academy to take part in our Skills Studios Experience. Sky Academy aims to reach one million young people by 2020 and with a significant and valued contribution, Slenky makes this happen in a cool way.”

  • Sony
  • Microsoft

Mutually-beneficial, meaningful engagement – built on shared Passions…

Connecting Brands in Audiences Across the UK

Slenky helps organisations become accessible to young audiences; from small local and regional organisations to leading national and international brands.

Get In Touch

If you want to find out more about socialising your brand and Shots we’d love to hear from you.


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