‘Careers’ Events are so 1900’s

Whilst minds and fingers are tuned to a digital future, most businesses are yet to adapt to the lifestyles of the ‘Original Digital’ – a future employee and customer and a highly influential individual.


Take Your Shot is the digital-age event – connecting young people with businesses via digital channels and devices.

Using screens and the Slenky platform, exhibitors are digitally accessible to 13-24 year attendees on their devices – each screen displaying an organisation’s touch points, key information and live opportunities. 

Digital Passionmatching‘ provides organisations with live, ‘real-time’ updates on interaction and engagement with their brand/content – and attendees discover new organisations by exploring new and existing Passions and exchanging data with potential future employers.

TYS provides business with data-driven insights and information – a clearer picture of the audience, their Passions and the opportunities they want; making the brand accessible and sharing information that bypasses young people.

Content Reach & Engagement

Useful + Useable Data/Insights

Targeted Content

Diverse 13-24 Attendees

Social Brand Content Distribution

Supercharged Brand Awareness + Engagement

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